you’re here, too (Cont.)

About the Creator

Beau Gomez

Beau Gomez is a Filipino-Canadian visual artist based in Toronto and Montréal. His practice is informed by ideas, challenges and conversations around cross-cultural narratives, as they relate to positions of queerness and community. A portraitist at heart, his work is anchored by image-making and storytelling as conduits between one person’s experiences to another, giving permission to shared means of reckoning, reconditioning, and nurturing.

Select exhibitions include Propeller Art Gallery, Magenta Foundation, La Gaîté Lyrique, and Toronto International Film Festival. He recently presented his first solo exhibition at Artspace Gallery (Toronto), and is an upcoming artist-in-residence at VU Photo (Quebec City). He equally devotes his time to community engagement, and has contributed to organizations including Reel Asian Film Festival, The Site Magazine, Pride Toronto/Montréal and Critical Distance Centre for Curators. In 2019, he launched Fixer, a gathering of emerging image-makers, writers and creative thinkers in an engaged critique on works in progress. Beau holds a BFA in Photography Studies from Toronto Metropolitan University.

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