This workshop initially began in 2020 in Toronto’s downtown Chinatown (also known as West Chinatown), situated along Dundas Street and Spadina Avenue. Spadina, the Anishinaabemowin word for ishpadinaa, meaning high hill or ridge, and as a path where Indigenous communities would and continue to gather today.

As settlers, we recognize we are a guest of these lands, and am grateful for the stewardship of the Mississauga of the Credit river hold. Toronto is in the Dish with One Spoon territory, the Dish with One Spoon treaty is an agreement between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee to share the territory and protect the land and is one in which all parts of this project and individuals involved share an obligation to withhold.

As this project continues to grow and evolve, expanding beyond the initial geography in which this project was initially centered, it continues to reflect the collective desire to reflect the individual and connected spaces that are reconstructed and re-imagined here and their real-life counterparts. 



Tkaronto,在Mohawk語系中的意思是“一個被水覆蓋樹木叢生的地方”。我們感謝這片遠古的土地上的原始領主,Mississaugas of the Credit,Haudenosaunee,Anishinaabe以及 Huron-Wendat。這是OCAD所坐落的地方,也是本項目中所研究的多倫多唐人街坐落的地方。

多倫多舊中區華埠(西區唐人街)位於Dundas街和Spadina大道。Spadina,在Anishinaabemowin語系中是指ishpadinaa,代表著高聳的丘陵和山脈,同時也是原住民社區過去和現在所聚集的地方。作為移居者,我們是這片土地的客人,我們感謝Mississauga of the Credit所做出的管理工作。多倫多上Dish with One Spoon領地上的地區,該條約是一個基於Anishinaabe,Mississaugas以及Haudenosaunee之間的統一意見上,分享以及保護這片土地的條約。


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