Malvern Mall

This project was made in commemoration of Malvern Mall in Scarborough slated to be torn down. To members of the Malvern community, Malvern Mall is a vital community hub, a gathering place. It is one of the very few places where elders can come together and share a conversation over coffee in the food court and exercise on walks around the mall. It is one of the few remaining after school spots for youth, a place where hard working shop owners still remain. It is a landmark for many. This project aims to preserve this cultural landmark in virtual space in the midst of the rapid redevelopment taking place in the area with the hope that some will remember and that the spirit of the Malvern community remains.

About the Creator

Marie Sotto

Marie Sotto is a Filipinx Futurist, Art Witch and Storyteller. A Scarborough born visual artist, Marie grew up in the Malvern area. Now based in Toronto Marie has exhibited work at Artscape Youngplace (2015), The Gladstone Hotel (2016) and The Harbourfront Center (2019). Marie recently graduated from NEWVIEW XR’s first Toronto School. Through digital storytelling and emerging technologies, Marie explores meanings of home, memory and belonging. Marie continuously finds inspiration in the faces and places they call home.

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