Siyao (Jane) He

I am Siyao He. I grew up in Beijing, China, spent 4 years in Hong Kong during my undergraduate, and am now studying at the University of California, Irvine for my Master of Software Engineering. I am enthusiastic about street observation and Hong Kong is my favorite city. That’s why I made a collection of documentation on the items locked on the Hong Kong streetscape. My other interests include modernology, natural observation, coding as development, and coding as puzzles.

Items Locked on Streets

In Hong Kong, many items are locked on the street. Suitcases are locked on the street as temporary storage devices. Locks are locked on the street, probably because their owners want to use them later. Carts are locked on the street, as the shops do not have indoor space to store them. Chairs are locked on the street, because, for example, the staff for the private vans will sit there every day. Altogether, they become Hong Kong people’s collective memory.

The soundtrack is recorded around a wet market in Hong Kong. People talking, shop owners advertising, traffic lights beeping, wheels rolling… You are back in Hong Kong now.

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