Axe Binondo

Axe Binondo is a 2nd generation trans-femme Filipino-American artist, video game developer, musician, and writer based in New Jersey.  Their practice is informed by historical forms of struggle, popular video games, cartoons, and internet fandom to explore disjointed experiences staged through scenes outside of time. They were selected for the inaugural cohort of Dark Study in 2020 after completing their BFA at Rutgers University in 2019. Axe is a resident contributor of written and audio format work for the reader-funded video games criticism platform KRITIQAL and commissioned for general tech publications like MIT OpenDocu Lab’s Immerse.

name one place

Where do you go when you are displaced? name one place is composed of photogrammetric scans, field recordings, text, and static images lying about. These materials describe or directly come from personal spaces, indistinct landscapes, family history, recent global history, and internet pop culture. Part diary and part documentary, the space provides time, ground, and sensations to navigate around and meditate on the feelings of knowing you’re somewhere else without quite knowing the proceeding location.

A captioned performance of the space titled Island Hopping can be viewed on Youtube.

Materials in the space are: My first attempt ever at writing pre-colonial Baybayin. A direly candid shot of my desk. A pan of my 2nd generation improvised tofu adobo recipe. A viral twitter post from user @melip0ne. Music and sound effects from the hit Bemani arcade games Sound Voltex, Jubeat, and Pop’n Music taken from room audio. A NHK World newsflash covering early Russian movements in Ukraine. The ocean viewed and recorded from my preferred hidden gem beach access on the Jersey Shore (don’t ask). The concrete bones of a beachside mansion expansion right next to the prior spot.

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